About Us:

Colchester Community League strives to bring light and life back into the community by getting families involved in events at the hall that are unique and fun for all. We will give the community a place to celebrate, laugh, learn and grow together. Colchester Community League will become the center theme for the memories of both old and young in the community.


We always welcome new members who are interested in being a part of an active community.

There are no obligations to membership but help is always accepted! Membership is free & everyone is welcome! (Note: there is no geographic limits - we have members from Tofield to Spruce Grove!)

To become a member, email us at colchestercommunity@hotmail.ca or for more information click here.


The community of Colchester was founded in the 1890s as settlers were drawn to the area by the ready availability of affordable land. The area was officially declared open for settlement in 1894 with land valued at three dollars an acre. Early pioneers were of many nationalities including Irish, English, American, Russian, Polish and German. At the time the land was heavily treed and had to be cleared, first by hand with axes and later with oxen and plows. It was then seeded with crops such as oats and wheat, which were hauled to Edmonton and ground into oatmeal and flour. (more) 

"Building Community Together"

Colchester Community League